How to look after your jewellery

If you look after your jewellery from DOPRAYA properly, you will be able to maintain its shine and guarantee its durability. Below, there are some tips so that you can take care of your jewellery in the best way.


In order to maintain its shine, we recommend not exposing the jewellery to cosmetic products or perfumes. It is also advisable to remove jewellery, before any physical activity, showering and swimming in the sea or pools.


If your intention is to restore the shine of your jewellery, simply wipe it gently with a microfibre cloth and you'll see a perfect shine. If you would like to wash your jewellery, you can use a small amount of mild soap mixed with warm water and rub your jewellery with a brush gently.

IMPORTANT: Gold-bathed pieces of jewellery require greater care. Rubbing intensely can lead to the loss of the gold-bath layer, so it is important to do it delicately in order to prevent the gold-bath layer from wearing away.

Any of the above techniques will not eliminate scratches or bumps that your jewellery may have.


DOPRAYA does not ensure that the gold bath of the products lasts for a lifetime. Gold-bathed pieces are generally delicate and susceptible to colour loss over time, especially if not cared for in the correct manner indicated.

The durability of the gold-bath layer will depend on different factors such as: sweating, pH of the skin, and the use of cosmetic or chemical products on the skin, such as hydro-alcoholic gel. For this reason, gold-bathed jewellery requires special care to ensure it lasts a long time.

In case your jewellery has lost its gold-bath layer earlier than you expected, please contact our Customer Care team at so we can assess the case and help you.